Program Partner Guide


One out of every ten people in Illinois has some kind of disability. As we celebrate the ADA’s 25th anniversary, now is the time to expand access, inclusion and opportunity for people with disabilities throughout Metropolitan Chicago.

ADA 25 Chicago is bringing together public, private and non-profit sector leaders and organizations from throughout the Chicago region to work together to fulfill the promise of the ADA, particularly in the areas of education, employment, community inclusion and technology.

More than 150 organizations from all walks of life are making commitments to launch new programs and initiatives that will increase opportunity, equality and accessibility for people with disabilities.

Let’s make sure that metropolitan Chicago works for all of us. We are Greater Together.

Types of Partner Commitments:

Change the Game: Initiate a new program, policy or action that will have lasting impact in realizing the ADA’s promise of inclusion, equality, independent living and full participation for people with disabilities. We are especially looking for commitments in: education, employment, community inclusion and technology.

Build Awareness: Plan a performance, a panel discussion, a public art project, a conference, a newsletter or blog, an exhibit or other public-facing event or series that celebrates the progress toward equality of the past 25 years and highlights opportunities to fulfill the promise of the ADA.

Criteria for Partner Commitments:

Programs and events should elevate your organization’s dedication to the ADA’s core values of equal opportunity, full participation, independent living and economic self-determination. They should go beyond the scope of existing programming.

Although we encourage new commitments and events, if your organization has an existing, major event that has a specific ADA 25th anniversary focus, it can be a part of ADA 25 Chicago and listed in our materials.

Next Steps to Becoming a Partner:

Visit the “Partners” page and submit a Program Description Form. Your approved program will get a page on our website, and you’ll receive the ADA 25 Chicago Program Partner logo for use on your materials.

To see what current partners are doing visit: Contact: