Equip for Equality is partnering with the Chicago Community Trust Persons with Disabilities Fund and the Donors Forum to plan a series of accessibility trainings for non-profit organizations in the Chicago region.


The ADA 25 for 25 Cultural Access Project seeks 25 or more cultural partner organizations who will commit to increase accessible programs and services in 2015, learn about best practices and announce accessibility plans for the future. The program is led by ADA 25 Chicago, the City of Chicago Department of Cultural Affairs and Special Events, the City of Chicago Mayor's Office for People with Disabilities, Illinois Arts Council Agency, Arts Alliance Illinois, Equip for Equality and the Chicago Cultural Accessibility Consortium (CCAC). Equip for Equality is providing leadership and training support.


Equip for Equality is seeking funding to launch a new Disability Employment Rights Center as its ADA 25 Chicago legacy initiative. The Center is urgently needed because only 20% of people with disabilities are employed despite strong ADA employment protections.

The new Center will enhance the hiring, retention, and promotion of people with disabilities by government, businesses, and nonprofits through: 1) educating workers about their ADA rights/responsibilities, 2) assisting applicants/employees in securing reasonable accommodations, and 3) resolving instances of discrimination.

The Center will partner with school districts, universities, and participants in job training and placement programs via the state rehabilitation agency to ensure they learn about their ADA employment rights/responsibilities.

Recent changes in labor law mean that many corporations have added disability to their affirmative action plans, thus creating a powerful incentive to hire and promote workers with disabilities as part of their workplace diversity. The Center will coordinate with the new Chicagoland Business Leadership Network, which promotes disability workforce diversity and best practices.


Equip for Equality is leading a task force to identify legal legacy projects for ADA 25 Chicago.