As the official planning agency for northeastern Illinois, CMAP strives to continually improve accessibility and realize the promise of the ADA while working in communities across the region. CMAP’s Local Technical Assistance (LTA) program provides expert planning assistance to local municipalities and counties. Through this program CMAP has developed over 100 plans, many of which include strategic recommendations to improve access and multi-modal options for residents. Projects completed through the LTA program include recommendations that support bicycle and pedestrian access, improved parks and recreational opportunities, and housing that meets the needs of changing demographics. CMAP is also committed to providing communities with resources to help them achieve greater accessibility. An example of this is the recent Community Briefing Paper on ADA Transition Plans created to assist local governments in improving accessibility by developing or updating their transition plans to address necessary physical improvements. In celebration of ADA25, CMAP will be creating a new series of updates highlighting planning policies, projects, and programs to improve accessibility in the Chicago region.