There are three components to AARP Illinois’ ADA 25 Chicago Awareness Building campaign.

• Major ADA 25 Chicago events will be promoted via AARP Illinois social media channels.
• AARP Illinois website will feature content on ADA 25 Chicago initiatives and will celebrate the 25th anniversary of the ADA.
• The September edition of the AARP Bulletin (distributed to over 1 million AARP households in Illinois) will feature a full page dedicated to celebrating the 25th anniversary of the ADA, discussing how AARP’s work intersects with ADA priorities, and promoting the ADA 25 Chicago initiative.


AARP Illinois is partnering with Microsoft for a series of technology classes. Six of these classes will be held in June and August and the classes will focus on ADA accessibility features available with Microsoft programs/products. AARP Illinois has been partnering with Microsoft to offer educational courses for the past two years. By proposing coursework specific to technology accessibility features, AARP is raising ADA awareness among a major retailer while also providing the community with a more inclusive program.

These classes will not be marketed specifically to the disability community. Rather, they will be marketed to the general population – further encouraging community inclusiveness. The goal of the program is to provide technology education and training in an inclusive manner that celebrates full participation and helps to raise the awareness of AARP as an organization that is dedicating to fulfilling the promise of the ADA. If successful (as assessed by participation numbers and course feedback), AARP Illinois will continue the partnership with Microsoft in 2016 and can look to build upon this foundation so that accessibility becomes a key feature in all Microsoft/AARP partnership program planning.

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