Adam Ballard


Associate State Director in Advocacy and Outreach

AARP IIllinois State Office

Adam Ballard has a demonstrated career history in advocating for housing choice and transportation access for individuals with disabilities.

He has spent the last 11 years of his career at Access Living and currently serves as a Housing and Transportation Policy Analyst. He is instrumental in developing legislation and policy by partnering with government offices, grass roots community organizations, and other stakeholder groups to set both long term and short term agendas in housing and transportation policy. Prior to his current position, he served as Access Living’s Advocacy Manager where he oversaw a team working on issues that affect people with disabilities, including education, immigration, racial justice, housing, and transportation. Prior to Access Living, Adam worked at Chicago Public Schools as a Chicago HOPES Coordinator where he helped manage a program providing educational support to youth in homeless shelters. He was instrumental in creating a 501(c)(3) that is still running today and serving youth across Chicago.

Adam also serves on several committees and advisory boards and is currently a member of Chicago’s Equitable Transit-Oriented Development (eTOD) task force, aimed at advancing racial equity, wealth building, public health, and climate resilience within the city. He is also co-chair of The Disabilities Fund of The Chicago Community Trust; serves on the Cook County Community Advisory Council for Equity; is a current Board Member of the Chicago area Fair Housing Alliance; and serves as the Vice Chair of the Land Use and Housing Committee within the Chicago Metropolitan Agency on Planning.

Adam is constantly finding ways to involve the community in his work and wants to place the decision making power in the hands of the communities that are the most vulnerable. He seeks to build relationships that allow change to happen – from grass roots leaders and those who are most affected by broader policy decisions, all the way up to partnerships with stakeholders and decision makers who can help implement those changes on a widespread level.

Expertise: Public Policy, Other                  

Interests: Government, Other