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We invest in disability inclusion

That’s why we are growing and strengthening our diverse network of leaders with disabilities who are using their power to create a just, equitable, and inclusive society. As Advancing Leadership increases the civic engagement and diverse leadership of the Chicago region, we foster positive disruptors that lead with power and influence.

Because of your support we’ve increased our impact and our reach, and this brief report highlights some of those successes. Thank you for investing in our positive disruptors and vision for change.

Our vision for change

Tables of power and influence in the Chicago region are missing a critical voice—individuals with disabilities. We believe disability is an asset, yet individuals with disabilities are deeply underrepresented in professional, civic, and community leadership roles. Through the Leadership Institute, Members Network, and Civic Connections Project, Advancing Leadership provides training, support, and connects Members to civic and professional leadership opportunities in the region.

Our impact

  • 145+ Members from across Chicago's seven-county region
  • 100% of Members serve in a civic role
  • 80% of Members have joined a new board or task force or advanced in their career since joining
  • 140% increase in BIPOC applicants
  • 20+ events
  • 175+ partners
  • 2000+ attendees

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